Serve & Protect


S&P is dedicated to creating a professional and mature environment for all of our members. We strive to ensure all of our members are comfortable on our servers.


At S&P we focus on bringing the most realistic roleplay experience to all of our members. Our members undergo in-depth training and adhere to realistic SOPs in order to form a rich and realistic experience.


Although we are heavily focused on professionalism and realistic roleplay, our most important goal is to have fun. With plenty of divisions to join and opportunities to pursue, you will never get bored.


Serve & Protect is a community focused heavily on creating the best possible experience for it's members. Our command staff members have been managing similar communities since 2013 after the original founding of a GTA IV community called "Precision Roleplay" based on the famous LCPD:FR.

Today, our Directors have formed a more modern based community with plenty of diversity. With many divisions and departments to chose from, there is plenty of room for promotion and upward mobility at S&P.


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